Host: Barbara Newman

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It all

started when…

I escaped for a week to work on my manuscript. I left my wonderful husband and the laundry behind, and with a sense of purpose, pulled into a sweet bed and breakfast two hours away. Uninterrupted, I wrote my heart out, returning with a profound sense of accomplishment and much gratitude for the gift of focused time. 

Now, you might ask, “why go away when you have such a beautiful place to write?” It’s called taffy. I get sweetly pulled by family, friends and life—and the WIP takes a back seat.

As a writer, filmmaker, and former brand whisperer, I recognize what time and space gives to my work. So it’s with great pleasure that we offer you a “room of your own,” along with breakfast and a light lunch prepared by my husband, a Culinary Institute of America graduate. 

Now that our children have strong wings and are long gone, we share our nest with others, filling our home with the warmth and energy of like minded creative people. 

Come join us.